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Hamish Campbell updated a wiki page, Newsflash.
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Resistance Archive app / website


Initially, it would enable uploading to and reading from the Resistance Archive:

"A touring interactive exhibition documenting UK grassroots activism and movements for social change, with news clippings, literature, artwork, photography, audio, video and digital media, spanning over 25 years.

The archive will be preserved online permanently through easy-to-use open publishing tools, with training workshops in their use."

Josef Davies-Coates John Phoenix, Javier Ruiz, John Headstrong, Thomas Barlow Evan Henshaw-Plath

As an activist project, it would be as much about adding objects as consuming them.

It would look much like the early functionality of flickr.

* upload a photo of an object or action (option for more than one)
* add a title
* add descriptive text (with links)
* add tags (with auto suggestion based on text and existing tags)

This would then be saved into an existing CMS and/or

The data format would be RSS02 with media extensions compatible so that it could be part of a wider data sharing network such as the Open Media Network.

The app could be used to display tagged objects (and search) for consumption.

The site would have more functionality such as uploading scanned text etc. It would provide boolean tag based feeds for data sharing and wide redundant backup (OMN)

That’s it for the first version.

Can expand to audio and video in version 02.

What would the web front end look like?

It would be a standard CMS, with the same functionality as the app.

It would support importing and exporting RSS02 feeds of objects by tag so as to provide the "4 opens". It would support de-duping and synchronisation of these objects over the linked feeds.

The background database would be as standardised as possible, the data format would be nothing outside RSS02 with media extensions.

There is room for multiple CMSs and standards-based hosting of media objects, so anyone can write one and will be encouraged to do this. The one we “seed” needs to be as simple and clean to the project as possible, it's not our job to experiment and innovate.

There will be a potentially large number of accounts from a variety of sources. Those sources could include YouTube,, flickr etc. Each account must put out an rss feed. The Resistance Archive will take the data from each account's rss feed.

PROBLEM CASE: A YouTube account with some relevant films for the Resistance Archive also contains irrelevant films.

SOLUTION: The rss in has to be able to take tagged films from feeds only, eg #resistancearchive



OpenPlayer version 1 implementation plan is here!

VOTV Open RSS player implementation plan#

VERSION 1 delivery deadline: 16th July

Author: Adrian Ndwiga
(RH comments in italics)

To edit or comment on this document, go to the wiki page.

Reference also the 13 requirements in the detailed spec

Code is here:


Provide users with a VOTV open RSS media player plugin in an OpenSocial wrapper, so that visionOntv they can provide players of their video content to external sites, provided from an RSS feed. The VOTV player will read an RSS feed and using the jwplayer which is provided by a third party.

User provides the url, for instance to the server. The VOTV player will read the RSS feed on the server and load jwplayer with a playlist that would contain the videos provided by the RSS feed and render the videos to client using jQuery, JavaScript and HTML 5. The media player will use JSP and java on the server to process the rss feed.

2. Implementation Requirements#

Java, JSP on the server-side requirements, and JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5 and jwplayer on the client and client-side requirements

2.1.Serverside requirements

Java, jsp, tomcat, Apache

2.2. Clientside requirements

JavaScript, HTML 5, jwplayer.

3. Deployment requirements#

3.1. Development requirements

Eclipse, JVM, java SDK, liferay

3.2. Production requirements

Java virtual machine, tomcat, liferay.


REQs 1 to 8 are the requirements for the basic version 1 of the player

DELIVERY DEADLINE for version 1: 16th July 2012

Deliverables (in order of priority)

REQ-1. (DONE) Put the playlist on the bottom of the player, and check its text. RESULT: On the bottom there is more text, so all good.

REQ-2. (DONE) Test drag-and-drop player on a local machine running Liferay 6.1, the visionOntv cms. We need a player without playlist and with playlist.

(NOTE: Liferay version 6.1 has the OpenSocial portlet built in.)

REQ-3. Skin change - DONE.

REQ-4. Get the player loading in html5, not flash. Test with Flash disabled. Currently JW Player handles it for single videos, but not for playlists. Tried to use jquery jason to load it. Didn't work yet with html5. Let's ask jwplayer for sample code.

REQ-5. (Priority: 1: 1 hour). Implement the player on visionOntv's live site (Adrian has ssh login). (Currently the visionOntv live server is running liferay 6.0.6, so hosting has to be elsewhere (google?) OpenSocial is running the background of 6.0.6)

REQ-6. (Priority: 2: 30 minutes)
Put the player in an i-frame and add static links top and bottom.

This should be exactly as here

Test it on visionOntv server.

REQ-7. (Priority: 3: should take 2 hours)
Configure the video player to play-on-click for the first video in the RSS list (not auto-play!), and then auto-play each video in the list thereafter. When the list is exhausted, the player should loop back to the beginning.

REQ-8. (Priority: 4 - should take 5 minutes).
Wrap up the html5 jw player in the OpenSocial wrapper. Test the player with both a miro community channel rss feed and a tag feed. This has been tested on Adrian's local machine. The test url for the channel feed is this one:

(Needs: Tag feed needs to be tested.
Sample tag feed: POSTPONE this, because our tag feeds are not working fully. RH to ask Miro to fix them, or we have to wait for our own rss in)

That is version 1.

Report on OpenPlayer skype meeting 20th May

A big welcome and thanks to Justin Brister from Stoneburn as mentor to the OpenPlayer project!  Meeting report is here

Spring of Code #6 report is up!

We have the perfect report for you if you couldn't make the Spring of Code #6: it includes pics, details on pitches and projects updates + the results of our very productive mini-brainstorming sessions. Read the report now!

Spring of Code #5 report

We had a nice and productive social event at the Centre for Creative Cooperation. 6 proposals were pitched and the SpringofCoders brought great Q&A and brainstorming to make these project move forward. Read the report now!

If you missed Spring of Code #4

We were really lucky to have 3 different groups of developers joning us for this 4th event. This time we tried a more hands-on meeting where all Spring of Coders got the chance to get a crack at fixing various little bugs living on the site! Read here the full report of the evening.

For this site to be really great we need to....

- Upgrade the server from 6.06 to 6.1 to take advantage of the new features which this site is based on.

- Do a number of CSS fixes and some design. 

- Fix a number of bugs, and look at some configuration set-ups.

Geek challenge

The open video geek challenge

Creating a set of tools for open video visionOntv currently has the largest archive of alternative video in the world (over 18,000 films), organised in channels such as its tech channel

Our CMS, liferay, is java-based, and uses industrial standards.

DON'T think outside the box! Do you have the extraordinary skills required to think within the boxes, rather than creating new ones? visionOntv needs you to take existing apps and stitch them together in really simple ways. If you can do this, you could have the warm, fuzzy feeling of being part of replacing closed-source corporate media with something nicer.

Have a look at the spec below, and see if anything would make you feel good about yourself.

Native video uploader

Publish button: we need code for a video upload portlet for blip, and youtube. We would like to implement publishing via the blip and youtube API to create a “publish your video” portlet for java-based open source CMS liferay (java portlet specification 2.0 (jsr286)), and also for wordpress and drupal. It needs to have the option to publish to a private page on the hosting account then be moderated to make it public.

App Dev

Either android or iphone, or both! visionOntv, there is an App for that We're developing an “ethical” citizen journalist application App! The application will assist the citizen reporter on how to film and publish a quality news report while remaining the owner of his content (as opposed to every other corporate applications). Based on our A4 cartoon templates, it would be good if this could be done as a camera app with a wizard to take you though the steps.

Share this - i-phone and android Add some alt-media sites to the standard "share this" options for text, audio, video and photo.

This looks intresting

Let's torrent everything! Pushing of video content out to torrent files for distributed backup and independent video distribution. Making the whole media side of the project work P2P. We need a server app that takes a media RSS feed and posts the items as torrent files to any open torrent hosters out there. The viewer side will be dealt with by using we will need a simple channel guide/page. Then we need to have some code to facilitate a global volunteer seeding network – this would largely be social rather than technical. 

Get javascript video embeds working on wordpress.

Develop Write a very simple mobileapp Be a sysadmin for a radical media project

Couldn't make the Launch Event?


Spring of Code launch event report#

A dozen of techies teamed up around geek discussions, beer and pizza.

3 projects were presented:



Platform X


in relation we discussed these 2 tools:


People's skype

2 remaining project to be presented during next sessions, please have a read as they're both really useful projects:

Opensocial RSS media player


3 proposals


Occupy Livestream Archive (save and manage 20 weeks of Occupy footage)

Documenting Open source tools

Future meetings

We agreed to have a general meeting every 2 weeks or so, next meeting is scheduled on 16th of March (venue tbc). Meanwhile participants working on a specific project will meet on a weekly basis. Again you don't have to be in London to be part of a team, just contact us

Propose a meeting for your project on the event page

Get Involved

as Tech: Pitch your idea, join a team or a project. You can participate from wherever you are

as Staff: Help organise the events and join our fantastic team (we're all cool and attractive)

as Mentor: Follow a project or look after a couple of mentees. Register your expertise here.

as Partner: Join the groups who already support the Spring of Code!

Project selection

Pitch your project (90 seconds lightning talk) in our London meetings or add a video pitch now!

Minutes and contact

The full content of the minutes can be found here, feel free to correct and add details (you need to sign up to the site for edit permissions)

You can also visit our forum for questions and suggestions or connect to the IRC to chat directly with other participants.

But most importantly, join us for our next meeting on March the 16th!

Maptivism | Cartography is Cool (BETA)

Introducing the Maptivism | Cartography is Cool BETA for Occupy London which can be viewed over at;

We wanted to create a resource for Occupiers which makes it easier for them to find nearby resources that make life better and then share them with their fellow occupiers. So we used our mapping obsession and our version 1 webapp code to knock something up.

So it has been a great week in terms of Spring of Code. The Sukey team has been putting its new Spring of Code developers through their paces and tonight has been a fun night of developing Sukey itself but also just messing around and hacking with google maps, Postegre (with GIS extensions), GeoRSS, openstreetmaps, php, python, js  and general html tinkering and we have come up with the first of the three main features of this app, the map. At the backend, there are several google maps: occupations, recycling, toilets, showers, wifi, and venues that teams of mappers have been invited to collaborate on. We should see these maps grow over time to help us all find what we need while we are in the city. Savvy mappers will add opening times and more useful info to their map items or even update those of others. We will see how the collaboration goes. More development coming soon on the collaborative and social aspects on the “update” and the “share” tabs respectively. Possible extensions / ideas: checkins, google calendar integration for meetups, custom rating systems, photostreams.

1st Tech call out: Sukey

Sukey co-founder Sam Carlisle call all Spring of Code techs to get involved in the Sukey dev.

Launch event: Thursday 1st March 6.30pm in London Hackspace

Launch event: Thursday 1st March 6.30pm in London Hackspace

What is happening then?

Meet the organisers and future team members, discover projects, participate in discussions, share ideas, beer and pizza (in no specific order)

Get Involved

Tech: Pitch your idea, join a team or a project. You can participate from wherever you are
as Staff: Help organise the events and join our fantastic team (we're all cool and attractive)
as Mentor: Follow a project or look after a couple of mentees. Register your expertise here.
as Partner: Join the groups who already support the Spring of Code!

Project selection

Pitch your project (90 seconds lightning talk) in London or via Skype

Add your video pitch now!


It's Spring!

Don't think outside the box!

Do you have the extraordinary skills required to think within the boxes, rather than creating new ones?
We need you to take existing apps and stitch them together in really simple ways.
If you can do this, you could have the warm, fuzzy feeling of being part of replacing closed-source corporate tools with something nicer. 

Friday Meetup?

It's time for another Spring of Code meeting!

Let's meet this Friday evening at 6.30pm at London Hackspace.
What we need:
- do you know people who could be mentors for the event or could help organise or participate in a useful way to the event?
- we need content: do you have related pics/vids or texts that should be added to the se?
- promote the site and the event to your networks and friends, make them sign up! (
- We need a logo! anybody you know who could work on a nice one (not a too activisty one)?
Bring your friends and please RSVP now, sighn up on the site!

Spring of Code Hackathon

Yesterday was our first Spring Of Code hackathon; around a dozen of us gathered at London Hackspace to discuss what our aims are for the project, start piecing the site together, and generally geek out. Pie was eaten and plans started to become reality.

We were joined by a few interested Hackspace members, activists from the Occupy movement, open source developers and the team who came along to get involved in the project. We're using Liferay, the online portal and content management system to develop this Spring of Code site. Members of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Frankfurt were linked in through IRC, ideas were flowing, and we were all starting to get very excited about the potential of this monster that we're about to unleash.


Over the coming weeks, you are all invited (and encouraged!) to build and finalise the interface and functionalities of, giving the site the user friendly navigation and accessibility it needs.


A key thing that came out of our discussions during the hackathon is the importance of usability and accessibility for the site. We want everyone to feel that they can get involved, and we don't want to alienate non-coders with an overly technical and scary looking platform. Inclusivity is at the heart of this project, and we're working hard to reflect this in the look and feel of the site.


For now, mentors and participants are welcome to register for Spring Of Code using the Register page. Once you've registered you can sign in and add your project to the Projects page, or start personalising your profile page. We'll let you know how things are coming along with the rest of the site, and everything will be in place in time for the official launch of Spring Of Code on 29th February.


Good to have you along for the ride!

Spring of code

The OccupyLondon tech team is pleased to invite Occupiers and friends from the Open Source software community all around the world to participate in the biggest series of global Occupy code sprints yet, the Spring of Code.

It all begins on 12:00 midday on 12/02/2012.

Live Online Event with Open Evening / Launch Party at London Hackspace for the Spring of Code opening of registration. The Spring of Code will start officially on the 1st of March. We will be inviting guests, friends and some projects from the Tech world to register and find out more about some interesting open source projects.


(12/02/2012) 12:00 (midday) London – till late


  • Each project team to send at least one member to pitch the project as a lightning talk (90 seconds) (this could also be via Skype).
  • Occupy London Livestream team to cover the event
  • Website to View all the party in one go / front page for the Occupy Spring of Code Website:
  • Live Social Media Wall (projector).
  • Social Hackathon (writing code / geeking out), Exchanging ideas / contact details.
  • Looking at occupation and other cool open source projects or ideas that could do with a revamp.
  • Live Artwork / Doodle Wall – all projects can have artists make doodles to help the projects get a visual identity. Let the livestream viewers direct and vote on the logos.
  • Live Blogger can take photos of finished logos or bits of artwork and then they can be uploaded and voted on.
  • Take a camera and instant upload via Google Android Phone.
  • Cupcake Hacking: Making/Painting Stands.
  • 2D to 3D conversion by 3D modellers and printing of Logos.
Get Involved
as Staff: Help organise the launch event and the hackathons, help promote them on social media and blog the events
as a Mentor: look after a couple of mentees during the Spring of Code.

Wishlist / Donations
-Spring of Code Laptop Stickers. £15
-Spring of Code Badges £?? (source this)
-Small-format business cards (e.g. mooprint). £20
-Helium Tank to fill the balloons and for amusing skype conversations. £30
-Soft Drinks and some snacks.
-Streamers, Balloons and ribbons (Black, Red and White).
-Homemade/Baked Cupcakes for hacking / decorating + Coloured Icing + Toppings.
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