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Resistance Archive app / website


Initially, it would enable uploading to and reading from the Resistance Archive:

"A touring interactive exhibition documenting UK grassroots activism and movements for social change, with news clippings, literature, artwork, photography, audio, video and digital media, spanning over 25 years.

The archive will be preserved online permanently through easy-to-use open publishing tools, with training workshops in their use."

Josef Davies-Coates John Phoenix, Javier Ruiz, John Headstrong, Thomas Barlow Evan Henshaw-Plath

As an activist project, it would be as much about adding objects as consuming them.

It would look much like the early functionality of flickr.

* upload a photo of an object or action (option for more than one)
* add a title
* add descriptive text (with links)
* add tags (with auto suggestion based on text and existing tags)

This would then be saved into an existing CMS and/or

The data format would be RSS02 with media extensions compatible so that it could be part of a wider data sharing network such as the Open Media Network.

The app could be used to display tagged objects (and search) for consumption.

The site would have more functionality such as uploading scanned text etc. It would provide boolean tag based feeds for data sharing and wide redundant backup (OMN)

That’s it for the first version.

Can expand to audio and video in version 02.

What would the web front end look like?

It would be a standard CMS, with the same functionality as the app.

It would support importing and exporting RSS02 feeds of objects by tag so as to provide the "4 opens". It would support de-duping and synchronisation of these objects over the linked feeds.

The background database would be as standardised as possible, the data format would be nothing outside RSS02 with media extensions.

There is room for multiple CMSs and standards-based hosting of media objects, so anyone can write one and will be encouraged to do this. The one we “seed” needs to be as simple and clean to the project as possible, it's not our job to experiment and innovate.

There will be a potentially large number of accounts from a variety of sources. Those sources could include YouTube,, flickr etc. Each account must put out an rss feed. The Resistance Archive will take the data from each account's rss feed.

PROBLEM CASE: A YouTube account with some relevant films for the Resistance Archive also contains irrelevant films.

SOLUTION: The rss in has to be able to take tagged films from feeds only, eg #resistancearchive



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