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OpenPlayer tech meetup #3

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19:30 – 22:30 (Time Zone Sensitive)

At London Hackspace

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OpenPlayer tech meetup #3


OpenPlayer tech meetup #3

At London Hackspace
../common/calendar Start Date: 16/07/12

Mozilla Space hosts Spring of Code 10!

Mozilla Space hosts Spring of Code 10!

Go to event page or click the button below RSVP
../common/calendar Start Date: 24/07/12

Mozilla Space hosts Spring of Code 10!

For our 10th meeting we're bringing you a slightly change of scenery as we'll have our event inside the Mozilla Space in central London.
../common/calendar Start Date: 24/07/12

Announcing Spring of Code 9!

Already Spring of Code 9! Our members have been very active since our last event (4 tech meetings organised) so we're hoping to hear great things about their projects.
../common/calendar Start Date: 09/07/12

OpenPlayer prototype

../common/calendar Start Date: 18/06/12

Announcing Spring of Code 8!

Join us for Spring of Code 8 on June 18th 6.30Pm at C4CC!
../common/calendar Start Date: 18/06/12

Report on Spring of Code 7 is out!

Spring of Code #7!

We had a great 7th event! Read all about it here
../common/calendar Start Date: 29/05/12

OpenPlayer skype meeting

../common/calendar Start Date: 20/05/12

Spring of Code #7

The seventh event in the series of bi-monthly social events to update, propose and brainstorm projects.
../common/calendar Start Date: 28/05/12

Tech Meetup: weMix meets Portfolio Fusion

18.30 @ Hackspace http://wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/London_Hackspace weMix meets Portfolio Fusion for a Tech meetup this Monday 14 May. At this first tech event for the two projects, focus will be mainly on planning, making sure we have a roadmap to meaningful project milestones. 1. Intro to projects - setting agenda - goals for the night 2. Go-around - What's your background/skills, what have you done, what would you like to do/learn/create? 3. Portfolio Fusion 30 min - define areas - define next actions 4. weMix 30 min - define areas - define next actions 5. Pizza & drinks 6. Work on next actions
../common/calendar Start Date: 14/05/12