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RE: Weporter - first stage maps...

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03/03/12 10:22
Interested in Philo's project but still have questions, suggestions or want to know how to get involved? You're in the right place.

Weporter - first stage maps...
04/03/12 15:24 as a reply to marc barto.
As a first stage I would like to see a good openstreetmap/googlemaps overview of UK based video media. This could be based on something link the visionontv grassroots channel which already aggregates much of the vcideo media produced.

RE: Weporter - first stage maps...
04/03/12 19:52 as a reply to Hamish Campbell.
thanks Hamish,
maps would be a nice way to visualise spatial clustering of video content. It's an important aspect of looking at events. We could understand an event as a cluster in:
  • Space; where a video is shot
  • Time; when it was shot
  • Topic; what it is about

The first two points are ideal for an automatically generated visualisation, as this information is automatically added to the content upon creation. Third point needs some user commitment to do the right tagging etc.

I like the idea of a map overview. What sort of location data is in the video content of the Grassroots channel?

RE: Weporter - first stage maps...
05/03/12 11:50 as a reply to Philo van Kemenade.
Looking at the feed http://grassroots.mirocommunity.org/feeds/featured it looks like it doesn't pass location data through? so this would be something to fix.

I think the RSS feed from the youtube has location http://www.youtube.com/user/visionontv so could experiment with that? While we think about how to do location on our feeds.

RE: Weporter - first stage maps...
flash html5 popcorn youtube
25/05/12 09:02 as a reply to Philo van Kemenade.
I have been playing around with popcorn.js, I found it very helpful playing different video format on html5 supporting browser if we hold our own content.

I also manage to get youtube video to play on HTML5 using youtube plugin for popcorn. BUT the video which is coming from you tube is flash <object> youtube video </object>. which is not good because we are not using HTML 5 video tag , which would have given us more control. we need to find out if we can get youtube feed which is not flash.

RE: Weporter - first stage maps...
19/06/12 13:23 as a reply to Yene mulatu.
The must be a feed for i-phones which would be in H264 direct link to the file which should work in HTML5 (most of the time). can you look for this feed?

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