1. What do you propose to do?

The GiftCycle mobile application aims to facilitate the social encounters in which you exchange free things with your neighbours via existing platforms. To do so, it will plug into existing services such as, FreegleGumtree Freebies, Freecycle, Urban GreenLine, StreetBank, Yoink, JustForTheLoveOfIt, Ditto and potentially others.


2. Is anyone doing something like this now and how is your project different? 

As far as we know, there is no other gift economy mobile app that aims to bridge these disparate services. In fact, there is a general lack of even single-platform gift-economy mobile applications. There exist Fribi, Ditto and Curb Surf for the iPhone. However, they seem to be close-sourced and not to plug into existing networks. There's also MyFreeStuff, which tries to make freecycle better.
3. Describe the networks with which you intend to build or work.
The application will plug into the existing networks of all the platforms it will support (see q.1).
4. Why will it work?
Because we will involve team members with different skills, not just developers: product owners, testers, designers, ux interaction developers, etc. We will also conduct usability studies and will make user feedback a key part of the development process. This way the application will actually help users achieve their goals.
5. Who is working on it?
Currently that's Mihai working on the application code, and Yene potentially joining in. Also, since the application depends, among others, on the website having a good quality API, Mihai is working with Tom and Steve (the founders of to create and perfect it. We're also beginning recruiting efforts for a product owner.
6. What part of the project have you already built?
(We're at the very beginning, so you have a strong chance to influence the direction of the project!) The source code is now on github, and currently we have a list of mock objects, unconnected yet to any platform.
7. What do you need to move your project forward?
We need help from: jQuery (mobile) and CSS programmers; techies with API building experience.
8. How will you sustain the project?

I am working 4 days per week in my day job instead of 5 so I can focus on this project.


9. Other

The source code is hosted on github. The blog is at