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PLEASE COMMENT: RATIONALE: Initially, it would enable uploading to and reading from...

Report on OpenPlayer skype meeting 20th May

A big welcome and thanks to Justin Brister from Stoneburn as mentor to the OpenPlayer...

Spring of Code #6 report is up!

We have the perfect report for you if you couldn't make the Spring of Code #6: it includes...

Spring of Code #5 report

We had a nice and productive social event at the Centre for Creative Cooperation. 6 proposals...

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RE: Weporter - first stage maps...

I have been playing around with popcorn.js, I found it very helpful playing different video format on html5 supporting browser if we hold our own content.

I also manage to get youtube video to play on HTML5 using youtube plugin for popcorn. BUT the video which is coming from you tube is flash <object> youtube video </object>. which is not good because we are not using HTML 5 video tag , which would have given us more control. we need to find out if we can get youtube feed which is not flash.