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Resistance Archive app / website

PLEASE COMMENT: RATIONALE: Initially, it would enable uploading to and reading from...

Report on OpenPlayer skype meeting 20th May

A big welcome and thanks to Justin Brister from Stoneburn as mentor to the OpenPlayer...

Spring of Code #6 report is up!

We have the perfect report for you if you couldn't make the Spring of Code #6: it includes...

Spring of Code #5 report

We had a nice and productive social event at the Centre for Creative Cooperation. 6 proposals...

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OpenStreetMap London

OpenStreetMap is the free wiki world map, a project to create a free open licensed map of the world by getting everyone involved in mapping their neighbourhood. It's not for profit, volunteer driven and open source, and we have many opportunities developers to use and improve OpenStreetMap.

In London we have regular social (pub) events which alway feature some technical chit-chat as well as talking about the mapping process (which is hopefully not too technical),  but mostly it's just a social gathering.

We also occasionally have hack events. We've got a hack weekend coming up in March

All the London events are listed on the wiki.  Open to all!