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Couldn't make the Launch Event?


Spring of Code launch event report#

A dozen of techies teamed up around geek discussions, beer and pizza.

3 projects were presented:



Platform X


in relation we discussed these 2 tools:


People's skype

2 remaining project to be presented during next sessions, please have a read as they're both really useful projects:

Opensocial RSS media player


3 proposals


Occupy Livestream Archive (save and manage 20 weeks of Occupy footage)

Documenting Open source tools

Future meetings

We agreed to have a general meeting every 2 weeks or so, next meeting is scheduled on 16th of March (venue tbc). Meanwhile participants working on a specific project will meet on a weekly basis. Again you don't have to be in London to be part of a team, just contact us

Propose a meeting for your project on the event page

Get Involved

as Tech: Pitch your idea, join a team or a project. You can participate from wherever you are

as Staff: Help organise the events and join our fantastic team (we're all cool and attractive)

as Mentor: Follow a project or look after a couple of mentees. Register your expertise here.

as Partner: Join the groups who already support the Spring of Code!

Project selection

Pitch your project (90 seconds lightning talk) in our London meetings or add a video pitch now!

Minutes and contact

The full content of the minutes can be found here, feel free to correct and add details (you need to sign up to the site for edit permissions)

You can also visit our forum for questions and suggestions or connect to the IRC to chat directly with other participants.

But most importantly, join us for our next meeting on March the 16th!

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