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Geek challenge

The open video geek challenge

Creating a set of tools for open video visionOntv currently has the largest archive of alternative video in the world (over 18,000 films), organised in channels such as its tech channel

Our CMS, liferay, is java-based, and uses industrial standards.

DON'T think outside the box! Do you have the extraordinary skills required to think within the boxes, rather than creating new ones? visionOntv needs you to take existing apps and stitch them together in really simple ways. If you can do this, you could have the warm, fuzzy feeling of being part of replacing closed-source corporate media with something nicer.

Have a look at the spec below, and see if anything would make you feel good about yourself.

Native video uploader

Publish button: we need code for a video upload portlet for blip, and youtube. We would like to implement publishing via the blip and youtube API to create a “publish your video” portlet for java-based open source CMS liferay (java portlet specification 2.0 (jsr286)), and also for wordpress and drupal. It needs to have the option to publish to a private page on the hosting account then be moderated to make it public.

App Dev

Either android or iphone, or both! visionOntv, there is an App for that We're developing an “ethical” citizen journalist application App! The application will assist the citizen reporter on how to film and publish a quality news report while remaining the owner of his content (as opposed to every other corporate applications). Based on our A4 cartoon templates, it would be good if this could be done as a camera app with a wizard to take you though the steps.

Share this - i-phone and android Add some alt-media sites to the standard "share this" options for text, audio, video and photo.

This looks intresting

Let's torrent everything! Pushing of video content out to torrent files for distributed backup and independent video distribution. Making the whole media side of the project work P2P. We need a server app that takes a media RSS feed and posts the items as torrent files to any open torrent hosters out there. The viewer side will be dealt with by using we will need a simple channel guide/page. Then we need to have some code to facilitate a global volunteer seeding network – this would largely be social rather than technical. 

Get javascript video embeds working on wordpress.

Develop Write a very simple mobileapp Be a sysadmin for a radical media project

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