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OpenPlayer version 1 implementation plan is here!

VOTV Open RSS player implementation plan#

VERSION 1 delivery deadline: 16th July

Author: Adrian Ndwiga
(RH comments in italics)

To edit or comment on this document, go to the wiki page.

Reference also the 13 requirements in the detailed spec

Code is here:


Provide users with a VOTV open RSS media player plugin in an OpenSocial wrapper, so that visionOntv they can provide players of their video content to external sites, provided from an RSS feed. The VOTV player will read an RSS feed and using the jwplayer which is provided by a third party.

User provides the url, for instance to the server. The VOTV player will read the RSS feed on the server and load jwplayer with a playlist that would contain the videos provided by the RSS feed and render the videos to client using jQuery, JavaScript and HTML 5. The media player will use JSP and java on the server to process the rss feed.

2. Implementation Requirements#

Java, JSP on the server-side requirements, and JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5 and jwplayer on the client and client-side requirements

2.1.Serverside requirements

Java, jsp, tomcat, Apache

2.2. Clientside requirements

JavaScript, HTML 5, jwplayer.

3. Deployment requirements#

3.1. Development requirements

Eclipse, JVM, java SDK, liferay

3.2. Production requirements

Java virtual machine, tomcat, liferay.


REQs 1 to 8 are the requirements for the basic version 1 of the player

DELIVERY DEADLINE for version 1: 16th July 2012

Deliverables (in order of priority)

REQ-1. (DONE) Put the playlist on the bottom of the player, and check its text. RESULT: On the bottom there is more text, so all good.

REQ-2. (DONE) Test drag-and-drop player on a local machine running Liferay 6.1, the visionOntv cms. We need a player without playlist and with playlist.

(NOTE: Liferay version 6.1 has the OpenSocial portlet built in.)

REQ-3. Skin change - DONE.

REQ-4. Get the player loading in html5, not flash. Test with Flash disabled. Currently JW Player handles it for single videos, but not for playlists. Tried to use jquery jason to load it. Didn't work yet with html5. Let's ask jwplayer for sample code.

REQ-5. (Priority: 1: 1 hour). Implement the player on visionOntv's live site (Adrian has ssh login). (Currently the visionOntv live server is running liferay 6.0.6, so hosting has to be elsewhere (google?) OpenSocial is running the background of 6.0.6)

REQ-6. (Priority: 2: 30 minutes)
Put the player in an i-frame and add static links top and bottom.

This should be exactly as here

Test it on visionOntv server.

REQ-7. (Priority: 3: should take 2 hours)
Configure the video player to play-on-click for the first video in the RSS list (not auto-play!), and then auto-play each video in the list thereafter. When the list is exhausted, the player should loop back to the beginning.

REQ-8. (Priority: 4 - should take 5 minutes).
Wrap up the html5 jw player in the OpenSocial wrapper. Test the player with both a miro community channel rss feed and a tag feed. This has been tested on Adrian's local machine. The test url for the channel feed is this one:

(Needs: Tag feed needs to be tested.
Sample tag feed: POSTPONE this, because our tag feeds are not working fully. RH to ask Miro to fix them, or we have to wait for our own rss in)

That is version 1.

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