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1. What do you propose to do?

ASToolkit aims to provide Adobe Flex and Air developers a set of tools to simplify applications development. The core framework is WorkflowToolkit that allows developers to aggregate synchronous and asynchornous tasks in a declarative fashion, without the need to have callback functions and orchestration related code sprinkled all over the application's codebase.

2. Is anyone doing something like this now and how is your project different? 

There are other orchestration solutions for Flex applications but this framework has a unique declarative/IoC approach that makes it an attractive alternative. A similar idea was developed by Tom Sugden (Adobe Consulting) at the same time, but it was never taken further the initial stage of "async task execution framework". ASToolkit has 5 years of R&D history and it's currently used in at least 3 enterprise projects.

3. Describe the networks with which you intend to build or work.
The idea is to start attracting the growing community of Flex developers to the framework. At the moment the world of Flex is dominated by an elite of posh developers empowered by their connection with huge projects like the ones in the city. This is causing a horrible stagnation of ideas, slowing down the technology's diffusion and making it difficult for newbies to start writing top notch applications. Along with the actual framework development, the idea is to create an alternative research and sharing community on the Flex platform.  
4. Why will it work?

Because there are a lot of brilliant mind around that can help building a better dev culture and promote knowledge sharing and innovation outside of the hip buzz works that often drive the existing community.

5. Who is working on it?

I'm working on it part time, that is, off the clock, putting quite a lot of effort on it. Mihai sseems to be keen on joining the one man band these days so... we've just doubled our enterprise ;)

6. What part of the project have you already built?

The WorkflowToolkit is pretty much ready. It needs some code cleanup and extensive testing.

7. What do you need to move your project forward?
  • A graphic designer to redesign the above logo and to take care of the visuals of the planned website
  • Developers keen on testing the framework
  • Developers keen on creating tasks and extensions to the framework
  • Developers working in cool projects around the world that would be keen on endorsing ASToolkit
8. How will you sustain the project?

I can work on it a couple of hours a day on average at the moment. Mihai and me have planned the first meeting to discuss the architecture and start working as a team on Friday 25th

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