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Development of OpenSocial media player

Adrian wrote://

I had a look at the links you provided below. I was setting up liferay on my development environment machine and have a quick play around with it.

I also started looking at the HTML 5 Player and there are some solutions online that make it easy to add a playlist to your web pages/site. It shouldn’t be too complicate to implement, hopefully. I shall investigate further and get back to you in the coming week.

It would be helpful for me to take a look at the solution you currently have implement.

Also the link on appears to be broken on the page because it has an extra slash at the end......

Richard wrote://

Hi Adrian

Thanks for installing Liferay and for having a look at the html5 player spec. We've had a good look at the options for players, and the jw player is the one closest to our needs. So the spec I sent saves you time researching your own solution! It's the google gadget we need, carrying the jw player. Does that seem OK?.....

You wrote me:

"It would be helpful for me to take a look at the solution you currently have implemented."

The player we are currently using is this one:

<div id="globalviews_news_player"> Loading Globalviews news feed</div> <script type="text/javascript"> jwplayer("globalviews_news_player").setup({ flashplayer: "/html/jwplayer/player.swf", height: 300, width: 530, volume: 80, playlistfile: "", skin: "/html/jwplayer/skins/" }); </script>

And here is the iframe for it, which has surrounding text:

<h4>International news via <a href="" target="_blank">visionOntv</a></h4> <iframe frameborder="no" height="310" scrolling="no" src="" width="540"></iframe> <div>Full descriptions and credits - <a href="" target="_blank">globalviews</a></div>

.I have made you an admin of, so that should help.....

Adrian wrote://

Cheers Richard, I'll get a chance to have a look later on this week......

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