April 24th

Welcome to Spring of Code #5#

Report on our 24th April 2012 meeting at C4CC#

You'll find the event's programme here.

Marc intro:

  • Reminding values of Spring of Code (OpenWeb and building bridges with different tech communities + getting the skills and mentoring needed for the right projects)
  • Marc explained that there were 4 other software development events tonight, which accounts for the comparatively low attendance (12 participants), but it is very important for us to continue the momentum of SoC every fortnight.

Go-round participants

  • Deepak: geek level 3: project: micropage
  • Takako: geek level 1: web designer
  • Philo: geek level 3 : project: Weporter
  • Sam: geek level 666 : project: Copmonitor
  • Henry: coder for a big start-up: geek level 4
  • Adrian: developer in web technologies: geek level 4/5
  • Yene: GDC: front-end skills: geek level 3/2
  • Neil: skills, technically pitiful, psychometrics: project: make jobs market fairer via psychometrics: geek level 2.5
  • Richard: geek level 1: skills: film maker level 5!
  • Mihai: level (doesn't know)
  • Flaviu: skills: php, mysql, html: senior systems developer: project: a webmail client: geek level 4
  • Marc: here to help create a community of tech skills and interesting project. Geek level: 1.1

Lightning pitches

Scavenger Mobile by Mihai

  • aims to bring the main functionality of the Scavenger.ws website to mobile phones: searching for and picking up free items, offering your own item, editing your profile.
  • plan to put freecycle-type project on mobile phones: currently working with flash developer - built in Flex - important thing is learning to do things properly with a good UI.
  • Adrian asked: where is the community?
  • Mihai: freecycle and others reluctant to collaborate, so has to be Scavenger-only initially.
  • Is there an api? Yes.
  • Will re-present it to the other "freecycle" projects later.

Project page: http://springofcode.org/scavengermobile

wePorter (now caller Wemix) by Philo

  • online video remixing is the aim
  • Predicting that video will change to be more of an open data format.
  • Treating video as open, detachable and computer-readable (different project)
  • Use of popcorn.js to transform video.
  • Should we use raw files which are totally machine-readable, or use the current closed formats available on youtube, vimeo etc?
  • There was a discussion around gamification.
  • This project as a Mentor: Mihai
  • Philo Is pursuing user interaction / web development with javascript and popcorn.js

Project page: http://springofcode.org/weporter

Neil's project

  • To try to get the labour market and learning market working together properly
  • Users input psychometric testing to gain a psychometric profile for job-hunting. The project makes it easier for your information to be readable by an api
  • There is an open source software called concerto: to scalable prototype
  • Philo asked: Problem in the machine-readable projects depend so much on the data?
  • Neil: faviki is a bookmarking tool which works for this: to build powerful learning technology.
  • DeepakL asked: has seen many start-ups try to do this, but they focus on a smaller area, starting by building a database: are you coming from the companies or the users?
  • Neil: Not sure: serving both at the moment.
  • Deepak commented: going the user way, you could have a much simpler product, the once you have a database you can go to the companies.
  • Neil: There is a faviki plugin which is quite easy to implement.
  • Philo: Problem of a "we want to know everything about you" project, but if it came from the bottom up it could be really sound.

DracMail by Flaviu

  • DracMail is a webmail interface built using PHP, ExtJS (JavaScript framework), MySQL and IMAP. Features include: Rich UI, WYSIWYG editor, HTML mail composing and message caching.
  • What's special is he is using the onepage web app concept, so will load at first page request.
  • Marc asked: Is there a way to bring in DracMail info and data from other tools like GoogleCalendar or Ical? Importing data from other tools is a really important feature to get more people using DracMail. It will depends on the policy of each external tools though.
  • So far the application as been downloading 3000 times already in it's beta version

Open Media Network by Richard

  • intro by example:

a radical video producer posts to youtube a high quality film,then a week later it has 20 views. Solution: send the film automatically to player embeds on relevant sites, by rss in/out tags. The viewers get the film where they already go on the web. Tech: AtomPub, PubSubHubbub, RSSCloud.

  • Flaviu asked: Is there a centralised hub for knowing which tags, rss feeds to choose? What about spam?

Richard: Spam is community-policed out of existence, we need to sort out the UI, but the network is decentralised.

  • Mihai asked: The player would consider content froma across all different media networks (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc) right?

Richard: yes, it would be platform independed. The trick is to get access to the source link. At the moment youtube allows that access by a work around, but this may not be for long. The player would aim at variable sourcing, getting different types of content via different channels. A next step to research is accessing sources files by torrents so the network of player hubs becomes more distrubuted.

  • Flaviu mentions that targetting (filtering) video is a common thing in marketing etc. A tagg based player would put people in more control over the content they see online.

Project page: http://springofcode.org/open-media-network

Creative Collaboration

  • Small groups brainstorming on 2 projects during 20 minutes.
  • The 2 projects selected were: WeMix and Open Media Network. Each group brainstormed and reported on their progress and what skills where needed to push the project forward (presentation to be added to the projects pages shortly).


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