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Proposal #

A web-based database for users to report incidents of police abuse and catalogue them according to badge number, location, etc. written primarily in Django, a python based web-framework

Similar projects #

(This needs more research.. will do soon. please feel free to help)

Some similar projects have been produced . Some tools, such as for implementing geospatial element etc, can be borrowed from elsewhere.

Other involved networks #

Would like to include networks involved in giving legal support, including activist based groups such as green and black cross and more community-based groups such as the Newham Monitoring Project.

Why will it work? #

As the disturbances of last August have shown, issues such as stop & search lead to a strong sense of disempowerment for youth in many inner city communities. Similarly, the policing of protest is constantly under scrutiny. Many different groups seek to collect information on such abuses of power in order to put pressure on law enforcement bodies. This project could create a simple mechanism for individuals to report such 'incidents' on the fly and store them in a database. Further features may allow users to automatically send complaints or make freedmo of information requests, forcing them to account for their actions, or at least tie them up in beurocracy for a while, providing a disincentive to use such tactics in future.

who is working on it? #

Sam, visionontv username pepperpot.

What stage is the project at? #

A working prototype exists (though is not yet online), with a web interface displaying incidents, and allowing basic search features allowing search (by badge or police force). The source code and a set of screenshots should be up on github soon... I plan on contacting groups who I think may be interested in the near future to get support for the project and advice on how if could best be implemented.

How will you sustain the project? #

with a little help from my friends/comrades :)

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