What's Spring of Code for? #

What is the philosophy of Spring of Code?

The project is based on the ethics of open data, free software, open source and creative commons. So join up, and shout out what's missing from the online tools already out there and how we can make them work better.

Pitching and working on projects #

How do I add a project?

After signing up to the website, go to the projects menu and click on "add a proposal". Then click on edit the page to add your project page on the wiki. Look at other projects page to get an idea how to do it.

How do I add a video pitch?

It's easy, first have a quick look at the video pitches available on the site: http://springofcode.org/videopitch then record yours on your webcam/phone, upload it then post a video link with a short description so it can be added to the list.

The website #

What does the Spring of Code site run on?

We use the liferay CMS.

Where is the site hosted?

OVH http://www.ovh.co.uk/vps/

What language and standards does it use?

Here are the liferay specs.

How do I become an admin?

Post in the form here http://springofcode.org/forum/-/message_boards?_19_mbCategoryId=196487

How do I get SSH to the server?

Ask info AT springofcode DOT 

How do I report a bug I found on the site?

If it's not already reported in our bug section please  contact us. While you're there have a look at the issues we have and see if you can help resolve them.

How can I participate in the site design?

Just introduce yourself to the communiy in the forum category called how to get involved

Where can I get the site logos?

All the graphics files are (or will be) available on the Flyers-posters folder

What are tags used for?

Activity feeds for each projects/themes automatically updated each time a participant post something, this depends on tags.

Why can't I post or edit like other users?

Maybe you don't have enough editing permissions yet, post a message help forum.

How do i change the look and feel of the springofcode site? You can change the look and feel of the site by CSS. This is some CSS hacking

Can I use a corporate tool to work on spring of code?

We have a preference for opensource, single login, activity tracked solutions, with exportable data. If tools miss some of these then we should not use them no matter how good they are.

How do I upload a file?

Make sure you register to the site first. Then go to "ORGANISE" then "Files", select the related folder and click "ADD DOCUMENT"

How do I create a page?

If you are an admin its at the top of the screen. If you want more permissions ask on the forum in the "Help" category.

How does a project get chosen?

After being pitched, projects will be chosen by completing the 7 questions and then by consensus of the mentors. Participants can team up and report their progress at each event where they'll find feedback, mentorship and hopefully more support.

How do I develop my project?

Make sure you create a wiki page about your project, presenting clearly the specifications and the information needed for others to get involved. You can also use the forum to ask for questions and feedback. Don't forget one of the key exercise is to reply to the 7 questions which will help you to think and structure your project, no matter at which stage of the development you're at.

Where do I ask for help or ask a public question?

Use the forum! http://springofcode.org/forum

How can I get my story on the front page?

Use the blog page, or simply update any part of the site and it will show up in the activity feed on the front page.

Who are the mentors and should I become one?

Get involved and say hi.

Face-to-face meetings #

What happens in a meeting?

People meet people, projects get put on socially useful tracks, focus.

What happens between meetings?

People buddy up on projects, hack, design, get creative and update on site their progress.

How do I take on running an SoC meeting?

Just do it, the project and the site are based on the DIY philosophy. Read the report on past events and visit the forum to get an idea on how to organise a meeting yourself.

How do I add an event to the calendar? Visit the how to organise meetings page

How to do on-line meeting

Do it on the wiki - otherwise we will just lose all the activity. we dont need two people editing at once - better to take turns and check doc it in/out on skype to build a co-operative network, rather than isolated individuals.

How do I become a partner?

Drop us a line at springofcode AT visionon DOT tv

Media #

I have a press request, how do I contact you?

Please visit our press page.

Can't find your questions here? Ask yours in the Help forum.

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