July 9th

What happened at Spring of Code #9?#

News #

Introduction by Marc:

  • Our next meeting will be in the Mozilla office, near Leicester Square on 24th July. There will be speakers and short tech talks to be announced soon.
  • We had 4 tech meetings since our last social event and project owners are going to update us on their progress
  • We're trying to guide you on how to find mentors for your projects. In the future events we'll give you more tools and presentation to help you pitch and present your project.
  • Suggestion: project owners should develop 60-second screencasts of projects -- more appealing than pages of text. See end of this report for screen-cast links and tips.

Projects: Pitches and updates#


(by Richard and Adrian)

OpenPlayer is an opensource video player that contains a RSS-feed that creates list of videos next to the video that is being watched based on a pre-defined tag. The player is based on JWPlayer, using the opensocial wrapper to enable embedding videos in other websites.

Adrian has been working on a solution for cross-domain rss access, using jsonp.

Question: how is proxy restricted? Currently it isn't, somebody could kill the server by requesting large files. so we''ll limit this.

Ongoing plans:

  • Want to make this an opensocial gadget
  • Make the prototype work

Tech Meeting: Monday 16th July at London Hacfkspace

Timodia #

(by Tonderai)

Timodia is an open-source sharing platform for video and other media. It encourages competitive media sharing through gamification. It is already up-and-running, with a few hundred users.

They are working on an API, aiming to provide an open platform for developers to gamify anything. Users get points and badges when their media is popular on the site.

They are looking for discussion on how to develop an API, to enable open collaboration.

Question: does the media have to be hosted on timodia? Answer: Yes, timodia wants to be a self-contained system, to focus on original content.

Question: how about scaling? With videos hosted on the site, how will you be able to withstand a popular video? Answer: It is aiming at filtering videos.

Giftcycle #

(by Mihai)

Giftcycle is a mobile application to help people exchange things for free. It will hook into existing networks like freecycle (hard because these websites often don't have APIs). Looking for people with html/js/mobile skills

Tech meeting: in 1 or 2 weeks from now. Waiting on collaboration with scavenger, to create an API

Portfolio Fusion #

(by Neal)

Portfolio Fusion is trying to defragment the labour market, using a social model rather than a commercial one. Unlike other social job sites, replace the CV with psychometric tests and a structured CV with a database of personal background. Non-profit, supported by Royal Society of Arts. Currently: almost have a working assessment server (1-2 weeks). Need expert help to make it look good, scale well.

Question: who creates the first content? job-seekers or employers? Answer: either way

Question: how to provide feedback for job-seekers (something missing from most existing job-search sites). Could employers choose pre-selected feedback options? Answer: there would be more detail involved, than in existing jobseekers

Question: can employers include their own psychometric evaluations? Answer: not decided. Would conflict with the business models of psychometric test organisations.

Mini-Brainstorming sessions #

3 groups working (25min) on a question raised by project owners and help come up with proposals and solutions.

Reports on brainstorming:

Openplayer have successfully written the implementation plan for version 1 of the project. Tech meetup date will be confirmed on Thursday

Timodia: discussion of gaming arches, for gamification. Next step is research, user feedback surveys

Portfolio Fusion: looked at visualisation of personal knowledge. Have prototype of tree map, to show everything somebody knows. Need to make it more enticing, to encourage people to drill down. Next meeting won't be for 2 weeks, waiting for api discussion

Closing #

For Spring of Code #10, each project owner has a simple task:

  • record a minute or 90 sec video introducing your project using easy screen-cast tools like Screenr.
  • Alternatively you can use a more advanced tool like Camstudio
  • Guide and tips about how to record a good screen-cast

The video should invite the audience to visit your project page.

What's next:

  • Please join our Meetup group so we can follow the RSVP numbers (and know how many beers to buy)
  • You can follow the "Code" on Twitter: @springofcode
  • Join the springofcode.org site and get full access for project updates and news
  • Help get the word out about our group!

Thank you all for coming!

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