Media Player Tech meeting

1st OpenPlayer hackathon


May 11th, London Hackspace

Present: Adrian, Richard, Takako


1. Test the jw player with chosen skin with both a miro community channel rss feed and a tag feed.

ACTION: Skin changed to one without a black playlist on Adrian's local machine. "Glow" is the one. DONE

2. Put the playlist on the bottom of the player, and check its text.

ACTION: On the bottom there is more text, so all good. DONE

3. ACTION: Implement drag-and-drop player on our dev server (which Adrian has the ssh for). We need a player without playlist and with playlist.

4. Work out how to link to both and the channel e.g. and where to put this text so that it garners google juice. (This is important because otherwise we cannot fulfill the creative commons license with a link through to the original posting of the film. Currently with our Flash player, we are using one of the options suggested by Adrian at SoC 6: an i-frame for the player in a web content with links to aggregator visionOntv and the miro channel where the original films can be found.
It's also important because of google juice: we could automate the generation of a sitemap, where each video will have its own page. It's produced in xml format with title and link, and then we give it to google. (Totaljobs where Adrian works does this).

ANSWER: NONE required on the sitemap, because Liferay already does this. Rss in fixes this problem. Here we are only dealing with the player.

Adrian suggested we might be able to hack the player in such a way as to link to the videos from the playlist. This should not go to the miro community (channel) itself, but to visionOntv's page with the miro i-frame embedded in it.
This would be fantastic, as then we could use the sharing plug-in for the jw player, because the links would be contained in the player. We could also link to subtitled versions of films in the same way.)

ANSWER: There is currently no option other than to put the links outside an i-frame, as we already do with the flash player here
On hacking the player to link to the individual films, we should do NOTHING for now, because when we get the rss in working (the Open Media Network), every video will link to the appropriate page on visionOntv.

ACTION: Implement the links outside an i-frame on the dev server, as in the link above.

4. Add sharing and google analytics plugins

ANSWER: Can we see what the sharing plugin does? Google anayltics just needs adding.

6. Test subtitles: try universal subtitles and then, if that works, discourage people from posting youtube subtitles (which do not embed).

ANSWER: Universal subtitles no better than youtube subtitles in this regard. Look for options to get subtitles into the embed, or to be able to link out to the individual film (the only solution I have seen). WE can link out to the individual film, but it goes to the miro community version, not the visionOntv site with the miro community as an i-frame.

ACTION: This is what we must do, so that there are static links going to, the channel, and a link to the embed page. This can be seen in action here, and it should follow this pattern.

Question from Richard: could we then hack the sharing plugin to go to this embed? (This may be a stupid idea!)

ACTION: We don't need to do this now, as the links would still be invisible to google.

3. Adrian will implement the jw player google analytics plugin.

When: Monday 11th May 2PM

Where: London Hackspace

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