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Am involved in a ambitious (but stupidly simple) project

Need to get a customised publish feature and data formatting working in two webapps (they will both share the same scripting).

The sharing caring linking co-op. This is a decentralised open database of radical media projects. People can create a custom embed of any combination of subjects or categories and share it on their own and other people's websites.

  • The site is one of many OMN projects - It is a network that is not owned by any individual or group. Opensource,opendata,openindustrealstanderds, openprocess.

It's open data in that it will syndicate with any other site providing news flashes in the same simple format by RSS - that is it can take in content from any site who has an RSS feed and can send full data to any site that can accept RSS as an input article format. Thus it is inherently part of a wider decentralised/horizontal trust network that can grow organically.

Mission #

It's pretty basic scripting and configuration rather than programming, should take a few hours to finish and test. Would be a big help in moving both apps on, they are currently being used on around 20 websites.

This needs some knowledge of velocity scripting

And would help to have some knowledge of open source portal Liferay. Here is some sample code on how to format articles in liferay


What needs doing


Createa data type called "news"

Create a web form to add this data type

-image, URL link for this image, short line of text, tags

This data is then displayed vier the assist publisher.


Thenneed to do the same for an assist type called “video”

-Title, web-link to original for title, description, embed code orsource link, tags 

HamishCampbell ( 

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