Minutes of the meeting#


Richard - Sam - Tundra - Marc - Marco - Kim - Jakob - Kai - Ricardo - Philo - Adrian - SamTheTechie - Johannes - Mihai - Nicola - Evoltech


Proposal for the agenda 16 march

Lightning Pitches#

Twitter: @springofcode #pitches


Scavenger Mobile]]

Presented by Mihai

Other project to research: urban green line - local tagging of green spots http://www.urbangreenline.org/

Sam: a friend made a Git tutorial to look at


  • to merge finding free items with finding free services
  • auto adding content from craigslist and gumtree feed

Technology to be used: http://www.adobe.com/products/flex.html



Presented by Philo

Using PopCorn JS is one possibilty http://popcornjs.org/ Would love to get input from online video experts.

Questions from Richard to Philo: What about CC accreditations (youtube licence, etc)? How to credit the source? You would need the content to be using this license and then credit it accordingly.

Hosting content: Platform hosted by the project to allow remix and re-edit fast. Is it realistic?

Philo wants to work with visionOntv and their archive as they have this kind of content.

Jakob: Do you imagine rating and exploring the content and the programme will change the experience? Depends on the technical directions but there are definitely possibility. Philo: Yes, viewing compiled video content is very interactive to get info about what (sequence of) video clips work for the story.

Problem of anonymity and quality. Richard: Ethical aggregation: never re-hosting, always linking to the source. Johannes: Using only the metadata, not the actual video might be a easier, better choices. Stream individual segments from vimeo/Youtube by reference. 'Editing by reference'

Philo is interested in how to do good video storytelling, not only collages.


Presented by SamTheTechie

Sukey has had developing sessions since last event with new members who joined the dev team.

Richard: Are there any Kettles anymore? Yes, with a new variation called bubbling.

Bubbling: same as kettle except Police walk with protesters, putting pressure and reducing the volume of people. Keeping people well informed is still key to have a free demo. You can't follow tweetdeck on a demo, it's too much noise so there is a need for the project.

Johannes: Two areas of value: The distilled/digested data. The rich client allowing viewing of data on a map

Adrian: Local storage during mobile navigation might be an issue Reply by Johannes: connectivity is an issue I have some notes on customizing maps (generating tile sets and re-styling OSM): https://github.com/March-hare/mapping/wiki/Notes

Philo: Some people don't have the mobile tech to display a map on their phone, is there a way to display the data for them which could separate content and form Johannes: Yes, there is a line of code for that, which recognize the type of clients/Api the user need.

Current Possible Technology Stack: Server Side: + Web framework: Flask: http://flask.pocoo.org/ + Database: MongoDB: http://www.mongodb.org/ Client Side: + Mapping: Leaflet.js: http://leaflet.cloudmade.com/ + Map data: MapQuest: http://developer.mapquest.com/web/products/open/map + Framework: backbone.js: http://documentcloud.github.com/backbone/

Expishare #

Presented by Tonderai

http://expishare.com/ Sharing personnal experiences then aggregate it with time indexes, photos, locations, tags.

Development ideas: To get expertise on the site

Marc: How may users? Who manages it? Reply: From 200 to 2000, now the project is independent.

Sam: what are the specs? CSS, HTML, Acions script, XML

Ricardo's suggestion to research similar project: Trade School London http://tradeschool.ourgoods.org/ Skillshare

projects out there: Uniiverse Trade School London Skillshare


by Nicola


Looking for Action script developers to write plugins and for web designers to help finish the site.

Mihai: how is this project is different from Cairngorm some already out there? Cairngorm task library is very basic. It never evolved since 2009. Spring Actionscript's and Parsley's is programmatic, that is, not based on MXML.

Mihai: Are you interested in developpers writing not only scripts but also the core parts? Yes, and creating libraries (MXML), I need expertise for the core part.

I'd like to have a "hub" online so that people can submit their "tasks" and "plugins".


Presenter by Sam

Inspired from Occupy Oakland

Functionalities: Feeds an incident form on website, going to a database. Take a badge number of an abusing policiemen and check online if he's been reported before. Freedom of information request through the website. Idea came from: Database of social injustice and wrongfully arrest.

Another app already exist with some of the functionality: http://appsforgood.org/apps/stop-and-search/

Features: enter in badge number -Counter Intimidation -Streamline FOI requests. -Name and shame -Compile Video and Pictures

Talked to: Network for police monitoring ( a network including group such as Green and Black Cross (www.greenandblackcross.org), FitWatch, and newham monitoring project

Jakob: how to make sure there no abuse of the app system (targeting 1 person)? Sam: bigger worry for me is people posting self-incriminating information.. user generated content always suffers from this. recommended 'code of use' or similar should suffice.

Richard: it's imprtant to not be legalistic. Example of Fitwatch: it's fair game as that's what they do to protesters, having a database. http://www.fitwatch.org.uk/

Sam: Smartphones are our better defense against abuse (filming/livestream)

The stupidly simple open media network#

Presented by Richard

Using open industrial standards. User tag-based video streams The functioning examplar node for onw is visionOntv. Published once, distributed to all site using the feed. No master hub, everyone can be a hub.

Johannes: How rss makes it possible to distribute it? Partly using Atom pub.

Strangely it has never been done. Yahoo pipes its too complicated version to be efficient.

How it works for the user? You embed a player, select tags you want and don't want and you get a playlist player on your site, automatically updated. You can also use the feed that you take.

What do you need? We need somebody who can understand our Java based CMS who can make the RSS in code to display the tags properly. We have submitted the bugs

Sam mentioned the Rent A coders kind of site which could be a possiblity to help. Richard gave his bad experiences of these sites.

Mihai: Do you want this fix as a one off or as a continuity? We're looking for funding for this. We're using our own database to fix the bugs then soon hopefully we'll make this available to nodes.



ALL: New proposal pitchers to update their page. Previous projects owner to report on updates and reply to the 7 questions. Next meeting scheduled on 29th March.


http://storify.com/ http://expishare.com/ http://sukey.org http://astoolkit.googlecode.com/ http://www.fitwatch.org.uk Uniiverse Trade School London Skillshare

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