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Code well, manage well

I bring my experience of agile project management (Scrum + Kanban) and software development practices from corporate environments to help with open-source projects. I believe in taking the time to write good code and make good software. So I will usually advise to take the difficult path: take the time to learn what we're doing, to implement it properly and to communicate with all stakeholders. As they rightly say in the development world, "weeks of programming can save you hours of planning."

I also think it's important that software be built not by programmers alone, but by professionals from multiple disciplines and backgrounds: testers, visual designers, UX interaction designers, domain experts, managers, system administrators, users, etc. It's also good when the developers involved have as diverse backgrounds and interests as possible.

Skills: ActionScript + Flex, PHP, HTML+JS+CSS, Scrum, Kanban.

I am currently mentoring and coding on the ScavengerMobile project.

So check out my profile on TribalCoding and then contact me at mihaiattribalcodingdotcom if you'd like me to help with your project.

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Open media mentor

What is missing from contemporary tech for social change?

Have Hamish on your team to follow you step by step on your tech project.

Skills: video, CMS, RSS, open data, Creative Commons, metadata...

Founder of visionOntv, has worked for Undercurrents for many years. His footage from the Genoa protest in 2001 was used to sentence 69 Italian police to prison for human rights abuses. His "ruffcuts" distribution project was one of the most successful of its kind before the age of web video. He was a founder of European newsreal, a radical news magazine produced for TV in the USA. He made the video for the Kingsnorth climate camp testifying to illegal stop and search searches by the police which resulting in compensation for many activists.

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Webapp / Mashup Mentor

How can we empower our generation digitally?

Have Sam on your team if you want to work on some interesting projects and meet some interesting characters from the hacking/tech world and don't mind meeting up at 2am for a code jam and a beer.

Skills: C, JS, HTML, CSS and PHP.

Interested In: Python, Android Java, iOS

Linked In for more info:

Bio: Electronic Engineer, Entrepreneur, Hacker, Inventor and Maker.

I have a confession to make, when I am making a prototype I will go begging to whatever programming language promises low-hanging fruit or whatever is fair game... when it is 3am and there is a deadline on to get a BETA out- welcome to the code 'chop shop of horrors'. Otherwise, when we have a specification set out and we have planned our time I will happily RTFM and program the 'good way'.

@samthetechie is currently mentoring @moskvax and @johtso our code is ending up over here:

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