**Update January 6 2013:

We've finished this website and are currently coding the trialling backend for the psychometric profiling. We are therefore only live with a holding page to encourage signup but this does contain a short animation that gives a wider overview of the whole Omnifolio project.

Project Description

1. What do you propose to do?

PortfolioFusion (now part of Omnifolio) is a service intended to make it easier to identify, measure and communicate your transferable knowledge, skills and other work related preferences.

2. Is anyone doing something like this now and how is your project different? 

There are other online portfolio tools such as Behance, Pebblepad and open source portfolio software such as Mahara. However, the proposed service is different in that it is data-based, audience neutral (i.e. anyone can use it) and free for individuals: It will fund itself via a small hiring fee paid by employers if they find someone they'd like to hire using the service. However, as this is intended as a non-profit service, we'll only do this to cover costs.

3. Describe the networks with which you intend to build or work.

This isn't yet clear but we're talking with several organisations (covering public, private and social sectors) and other networks who support the principles of the scheme. It's a collaboration and scale dependent service though so the more organisations involved, the better.

4. Why will it work?

Unlike many job/learning profile services, users will be able to own, control and update their profile and on their own terms. In addition, we're looking to make the data formats as simple and open as possible so that people will be able to create their own analysis tools as well.

5. Who is working on it?

Just one person full-time but with generous help from a wide and diverse group of advisers. From the Spring of Code, Flaviu, Yene, Ivan, Muhammad, Marc, Philo & Mihai have all provided helpful input and ideas.

6. What part of the project have you already built?

The technical tools are not yet built but the support technologies have been identified (such as faviki) and work has begun on a more detailed technical specification.

7. What do you need to move your project forward?

More input on the designs from both a user and technical perspective. 

8. How will you sustain the project?

This isn't set but, as mentioned earlier, the current plan is to levy a small charge employers for any 'hiring' event using the service. However, employers using the service to recruit apprentices, the long-term unemployed or those without prior work experience will probably be exempt.

**Update June 21, We've been awarded a small grant by The RSA to redo our trialling web-site and are looking for a designer to pay to help with this. It's not a big project (and alas not a big budget) but please feel free to email if you'd like to know more.