1. What do you propose to do? (20 words)

Create a cooperetively owned social network. A public space owned by the public.

2. Is anyone doing something like this now and how is your project different? (30 words)

Both Elgg (software) and Diaspora (software & site) are open source and share some ideas like clear privacy, clear data ownership, open source platform. However both are rather facebookish and centered on activity streams. Our platform is more inspired by the increasingly common responsive grid look (http://colrd.com/, http://designers.mx, http://loveit.com, http://pinterest.com/)

This look better fits our objective of displaying rich content that links to interactive html5/css3/javascript apps such as a timeline, slideshow, flipbook, etc.

Another key objective about the site which makes us distinct is that we have a clear social purpose. We will actively promote content that is political, subversive or promotes activism.

3. Tell us the existing network/s with which you intend to work. (50 words)

We are being actively supported by the Coop Development Hub. This has basically covered doing all the legal stuff around setting up a coop.

I have been actively seeking out developer networks - but so far not had much response - hoping to find some support here!

Have a group of social media users (friends) ready to beta test the site early in the new years.

Have two groups ready to beta test the platform as a collaborative tool.

4. Why will it work? (100 words)

The time is ready for a site like this. Rich html 5 apps, open source, legally owned by its users, niche social-networking, micro-networks, tablet first design, social networking with an agenda. All these things are right on the money for 2013.

5. Who is working on it? (100 words)

We are currentley 3 directors. The coop is fully registered both at Companys House and with the Cooperetive Society.

6. What part of the project have you already built? (100 words)

Login / Registration / Subscription - all done

Create - Boards, Clans - done (some stuff to do)

Create upload Content - done  (some stuff to do)

Create Slideshows / Timelines / Flipbooks / Galleries - done  (some stuff to do)

Explore Local Content - using responsive grid - popup presentations - done (some stuff to do)

Explore Remote Content - explore social, blog and other rss content from within the site - started

Social Commenting - threaded converstions with Voting, Favourites - not started

Collaborative Working  - Forking presentations etc. - not started.

Adding Apps to a Board - (e.g. editable google docs, world clocks, realtime graphs) - not started.

API for developers to add themes, apps, extensions - not started.

7. What do you need to move your project forward? (100 words)

More developers!

8. How will you sustain the project? (50 words)

We intend to charge a small subscription to cover the basic costs of the site something like £5 a year. At the impulse buy app level.

We are also looking at allowing companies to purchase a subscription at about £50 a year - starting within the cooperative movement.

We are looking to encourage developers to support the project on github by providing new features and helping us fix bugs!

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